Extended Learning Opportunities (Learning For Life)


  It’s been apparent to all of us this past while that we’ve grown so much that we’re crowded at our sessions now, and while we’ve all tried to hope there was some way it was going to be resolved in a perfect way that would upset no one, that hasn’t  worked and we have to face reality. You’ve been so accommodating as we got more and more crowded but it’s time we had to take some action. As a result, and with so much regret, at our last Board meeting, we passed a resolution that  we have a one year moratorium on any new members, other than those on the preset membership list. We will keep a waiting list for people wishing to join and they can notify myself by email or letter that they wish to be on the list and this information will be kept by the Communications Team.


We decided we’d notify all present members either by email or regular mail of these changes and advertise them as much as we can so that no one will arrive at the next session not knowing about this. You have this information now and hopefully you’ll help us get the word out to anyone you speak with about ELO.


You can reach me at JackieTurbitt@bell.net or at the ELO email erinelo@hotmail.ca. My mailing address is Box 328 Hillsburgh On N0B 1Z0.


If anyone from out of Town wishes to start up a learning group closer to home, we’ll do our best to give you all the support we can. The hard part of this is that we don’t want to lose any of you, but at the present there doesn’t seem to be any other way.



Jackie Turbitt

President, ELO 

Team Duties

Information that will be helpful if you’d like to help on a team


Teams were formed for those who wanted to be part of keeping ELO working, but who didn’t choose to be on the Board. And they are vital to us, working often as hard as the Board members who use their services as often as necessary, depending on the work and skills required at the time.

The following is a very short list of what the teams do to give you an idea. I’ve also added one or two of the skills you’d need. There isn’t room to list more than a few here.

Hospitality Team: (Enjoying people and being at ease with them)

Greeting people and making them feel welcome; showing guests or new people where to sign in; helping find name tags if needed; trying to ensure everyone registers at the desk; getting beverages for the speaker; being familiar with the Membership Team duties to help out if needed; thanking the speaker; mingling with people at break times.

Communications Team: (Computer skills needed here)

Maintaining the ELO website; answering the ELO emails; publicity; publishing and mailing the program brochure.

Technical: (Computer skills-i.e. excel, word)

Maintain ELO technical equipment; set up equipment before the sessions; handle the microphones; help the speaker with computer, mics, etc.; assisting membership with attendance sheets, mailing labels, name tags etc.; producing brochure; records maintenance; suggesting and purchasing new equipment as needed.

Membership: (Attention to detail, working well with people-the desk can be hectic at times!)

Looking after the front desk registration, payments, name tags; assisting the Treasurer as required, aid to other teams in sharing information as needed. Along with Hospitality, the people here are the face of ELO-front line.

Program: (there is a good deal of time, patience and perseverance needed as well as computer skills)

Selecting topics and finding speakers for those topics; keeping in touch with the speakers regularly until the correct session time; ensuring speakers have all the information required as to time, date, length of talk, equipment available, and special needs the speaker may have; working with technical and communications on the brochure; keeping records of prior speakers and topics; keeping records of comments from the membership on the speaker/topic and noting their suggestions for future speakers.

And of course, the all-important “Other duties as required”.